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Bibliophonic is our first ever week-long music book submission drive. As an extension of the Discogs community, Bookogs is a place for music fans to get deeper into the music, going beyond what’s on the record and into the pages.

We’re pushing for 1000 music books to be added this week and we need your help. See your name ascend the leaderboard by submitting music books to the database (make sure you enter ‘Music’ in the genre field to get your subs counted). If the book or magazine is about a particular band or artist, add them as a Credit with the role ‘About/Subject’ for the book to show up on the Discogs artist page.

Dig out your music books and add them to Bookogs: the rockstar biographies, the pop memoirs, genre guides, music magazine issues, music criticism, the myriad tomes of albums you must hear before you die, the coffee table books of cover art. It’s all welcome on Bookogs, in whichever format, language, and condition.


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What Do A Music Database & 1692 Books Have In Common?

I don’t know what happens when they walk into a bar, so don’t ask me. We’re talking about our music book submission drive, Bibliophonic. As Discogs integrates more music data, extending to including music books on artist pages (e.g. David Bowie), Bibliophonic was an opportunity to focus on getting more music books submissions into the […]


Staff Picks: Our Favorite Music Biographies, Memoirs & Music Books

It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that as huge music fans, we’re voracious readers of any and all music news, artist biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, album reviews, music criticism, analysis, and everything in between (we’ve been banging on about it all week). Our bookshelves are almost as crowded as our record crates. There are […]


33⅓ Music Books Are the Ultimate Album Companion For Serious Music Nerds

The 33⅓ series revolutionized the music book. If you’re not familiar with the format, it’s a pocket-sized book series (usually just a little bigger than a CD case), that gives an author free rein to crystallize their favourite albums’ spot in the canon and cut to the quick of what fans want to know: How […]


Think Your Job Is Tough? Try Writing A Music Biography

The role of the rock biographer is a multidisciplinary one. You’re not just a writer. You’re a detective, historian, networker, archaeologist, and interrogator. You’re the reader’s backstage pass. You stand between the perception of these people crafted through their music and image, and the truth. It’s not just the many hats the biographer has to […]


Music Magazines Are Our Portal To The Past; Their Survival Is Vital

Why read an album review when you can stream it on release day and make up your own mind? Why read an interview in a magazine when you can @ pretty much anyone and ask them anything — or just scroll through their Twitter feed? Why seek out a gig guide when you can click […]


How Music Books Helped Build Discogs

What does this well-worn edition of Goldmine Standard Catalog Of American Records have to do with the Discogs Database? Ask Discogs’ most prolific contributor and resident expert, Discographies Specialist Brent Greissle (better known by contributors as Diognes_The_Fox). As the proud contributor of over 50,000 items to the Discogs database, he knows a thing or two […]


Why Do Music Books Matter, And What Do They Have To Do With Discogs?

Music is an experience. It’s a vehicle to another dimension. It pokes and pulls at you right in the feelings. Why would you read about music, when you can listen to it? In his 33⅓ book on Big Star’s Radio City, Bruce Eaton posits that the scarcity of information surrounding the band actually helped him […]

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