Jason Netherton

Extremity Retained: Notes from the Death Metal Underground

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Jason Netherton
Compiled by Jason Netherton
Editor Jason Netherton
Publisher Handshake, Inc.
Printed by Bang Printing
Designed by Tilmann Benninghaus
Cover Art by Matt "Putrid Gore" Carr
Proofreader Richard Johnson
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-1-63173-474-8
Format Soft cover
Publication Location United States
Page Count 478 pages
Font FTF Merlo and HFJ Knockout
Language English
Chapters Introduction
I: Chamber of Ages -- Origins
II: All Death Is Local -- Scenes From The Past
III: Skeletal Forms -- Studio, Performance, And Album
IV: Rotting In The Van -- Touring And The Road
V: Where Next To Conquer -- Then, Now, And Beyond
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