Vague #12: Tales From The Blank Generation


Main Details
Periodical Title Vague
Writer Tom Vague
Contributing Artist Perry H*
Contributor Pete Scott
Contributor Viz
Contributor Chris Donald
Contributor Johnny Waller
Contributor Chris J
Contributor Paul Smith (10)
Contributor Simon Clegg
Contributor Puddle
Contributor Niel (Durham)
Contributor Steve (Chester)
Contributor Steve Rawlings (2)
About/Subject Post-Punk
Interview with/Interviewee UK Decay
About/Subject Theatre Of Hate
About/Subject Killing Joke
About/Subject Adam And The Ants
Interview with/Interviewee The Danse Society
About/Subject Sounds
About/Subject TW Records
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 12
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 36 pages
Language English
Notes Killing Joke – Theatre of Hate – UK Decay
Ants – Viz – Nuclear War – Falklands War
Tales from the Blank Generation


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