New Musical Express

NME 29 July 1995

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title New Musical Express
Cover photo Stefan De Batselier
Editor Steve Sutherland
Assistant Editor Stuart Baillie
Assistant Editor Brendon Fitzgerald
Sub-Editor John Mulvey
Reporter Tommy Udo
Chief Sub-Editor Andy Fyfe
Sub-Editor Kathy Ball
Reviews Editor Johnny Dee
Reviews Editor Iestyn George
Sub-Editor Simon Williams
Sub-Editor Gavin Martin
Sub-Editor Ben Willmott
Art Director/Editor Marc Pechart
Art Assistant Neil Burnett
Writer John Harris
Writer Keith Cameron
Writer Terry Staunton
Photography John Cheves
Photography Kevin Cummins
Photography Stefan de Batselier*
Photography Steve Double
Photography Martyn Goodacre
Photography Tim Jarvis
Photography Hayley Madden
Photography Vincent McDonald*
Photography Derek Ridgers
Photography Roger Sargent
Photography Ed Sirrs
Photography Pennie Smith
Photography Peter Walsh*
Photography Andy Willsher
Researcher Fiona Foulgar
Researcher Cate Jago
Other Karen Walter
Contributor Johnny Cigarettes
Contributor Stephen Dalton
Contributor Fred Dellar
Contributor Barbara Ellen
Contributor Dele Fadele
Contributor Trevor Hungerford
Contributor Ted Kessler
Contributor Angela Lewis
Contributor Ian McCann
Contributor Paul Moody
Contributor Grainne Mooney*
Contributor Roger Morton
Contributor Sylvia Patterson
Contributor Edwin Pouncey
Contributor David Quantick
Contributor John Robinson
Contributor Steven Wells
Editor in Chief Alan Lewis
Associate Publisher Robert Tame
Publishing Director Andy McDuff
Copyright Holder Specialist Publishing Group
About/Subject The Levellers
About/Subject The Cranberries
About/Subject Soul II Soul
About/Subject Black Grape
About/Subject Oasis
About/Subject Public Enemy
About/Subject Wet Wet Wet
About/Subject Isaac Hayes
About/Subject Superchunk
About/Subject The Verve
Contributor Colin B. Morton
Contributor Chuck Death
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 80p $(US)3.95
Price Germany Dm 5.30 Spain Psa 330
EAN 2 30
Barcode 9 77008 636055
ISSN 0028 6362
Format Bedsheet Magazine
Publication Location London
Page Count 64 pages
Language English


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