New Musical Express

NME 26 August 1995

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title New Musical Express
Cover photo Sam Barcroft
About/Subject Blur
Sub-Editor Tommy Udo
Reporter Andy Richardson
Publisher IPC Specialist Group
Sub-Editor Simon Williams
Sub-Editor Ben Willmott
Sub-Editor Keith Cameron
Sub-Editor Sam Steele
Review by Rupert Howe
Contributor Steven Wells
Photography Steve Double
About/Subject Metallica
About/Subject Weknowwhereyoulive
About/Subject Pennywise
Contributor John Mulvey
Photography Stefan De Batselier
About/Subject Teenage Fanclub
About/Subject Money Mark
Contributor Mark Sutherland
About/Subject Salad
About/Subject Gillian Anderson
Contributor Johnny Dee
Photography Anthony Medley*
Contributor Amy Raphael
Photography Kevin Cummins
About/Subject Smashing Pumpkins*
About/Subject Take That
About/Subject The Wannadies
About/Subject Reef
About/Subject The Levellers
About/Subject Morrissey
About/Subject The Charlatans
About/Subject M People
Contributor Fred Dellar
Contributor Trevor Hungerford
Contributor Colin B. Morton
Contributor Chuck Death
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 80p $(US)3.95
Price Germany Dm 5.30 Spain Psa 330
EAN 2 34
Barcode 9 770028 636055
ISSN 0028 6362
Format Bedsheet Magazine
Publication Location London
Page Count 59 pages
Language English


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