Michael Dempsey

The Bible: Sniffin' Glue...


Main Details
Editor Michael Dempsey
Writer Mark P*
Writer Steve Mick
Contributor Michael Beal
Contributor Steve Walsh
Contributor Rick Brown (2)
Contributor Danny Baker
Photography Harry T. Murlowski
Photography Sheila Rock
Photography Vic Godard
Photography Paul Myers (2)
Photography Jill Furmanowsky*
Photography Erica Echenberg
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Mark P*
Copyright Holder S.G. Publications
Publisher Michael Dempsey
Publisher Big O Publishing
About/Subject Punk Rock
About/Subject Sniffin' Glue
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-86044-489-9
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Language English
Notes Original compendium featuring 10 issues and selected highlights.


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