White Dwarf

White Dwarf 315

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title White Dwarf
Editor Owen Rees
Designed by Christian Byrne
Other Nick Kyme
Development Rik Turner
Editorial Coordination Guy Haley
Managing Editor Andrew Stewart (2)
Designed by Matthew Hutson
Designed by Sean Turtle
Copy Editor Michelle Barson
Contributor Gavin Thorpe
Contributor Alessio Cavatore
Contributor Anthony Reynolds
Contributor Graham McNeill
Contributor Andy Hoare
Contributor Adam Troke
Contributor Mat Ward
Contributor Phil Kelly
Contributor Dominic Murray
Contributor Jervis Johnson
Contributor Mark Jones
Contributor Adrian Wood
Contributor Chad Mierzwa
Contributor Jeremy Vetock
Contributor David Andrews
Contributor Mark Raynor
Reprographics Dave Musson
Reprographics Sean Cutler
Reprographics Simon Burton
Reprographics Kris Jaggers
Artist John Blanche
Artist Alex Boyd
Artist David Gallagher
Artist Nuala Kinrade
Artist Paul Dainton
Artist Neil Hodgson
Artist Karl Kopinski
Artist Alun Davies
Other Jes Goodwin
Other Brian Nelson
Other Juan Diaz
Other Aly Morrison
Other Alan Perry
Other Michael Perry
Other Trish Morrison
Other Mark Harrison
Other Alex Hedström
Other Mike Anderson
Other Colin Grayson
Other Dave Thomas (2)
Other Dave Andrews
Other Tim Adcock
Other Gary Morley
Other Martin Footit
Other Steve Saleh
Other Seb Perbet
Other Keith Robertson
Other Neil Green
Other Anja Wettergren
Other Kirsten Williams
Other Neil Langdown
Other Darren Latham
Other Fil Dunn
Other Pete Foley
Cover Artist Karl Kopinski
Printed by RR Donnelley
Publisher Games Workshop
Copyright Holder Games Workshop Limited
Copyright Holder (Excerpt) New Line Productions, Inc.
Copyright Holder (Excerpt) The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises
Artist Stefan Kopinski
Artist Mark Gibbons
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 315
Price £4.00
EAN 2 08
Barcode 9 770265 871066
UPC 5 011921 920716
Product Code 60249999315
ISSN 0265-8712
Format Magazine
Publication Location Nottingham
Page Count 145 pages
Language English


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