Uwe Raum-Deinzer, Petra Küppers, Detlef Klewer

Moviestar Sonderheft: Zombies

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Publisher Medien-, Publikations- und Werbegesellschaft mbH*
Editor in Chief Manfred Knorr
Deputy Editor Frank Martens
Graphic Design Manfred Knorr
Graphic Design Frank Martens
Photo/Picture Editor Manfred Knorr
Editor Uwe Raum-Deinzer
Staff Detlef Klewer
Staff Heiner Lünstedt
Staff Michael Peinkofer
Staff Olaf Rappold
Staff Petra Küppers
Lithographed by Scan Service Martinez
Series Moviestar Sonderheft
Reproduction rights Medien Publikations- und Werbegesellschaft mbH
Author Uwe Raum-Deinzer
Author Petra Küppers
Author Detlef Klewer
About/Subject Horror Film
About/Subject Exploitation Film
About/Subject Censorship
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISSN 0943-6008
Price DM 12.80
Price ÖS 104
Other 1H 12644 F
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 65 pages
Language German
Chapters - Zombies: Mythos, Splatter und Zensur
- Drohende Schatten
- Voodoo-Zauber
- Zombie-Invasion
- Zombie-Filmografie
- Dawn Of The Dead
- Haiti - Insel der Zombies


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