Andy Hoare

Warmachines of the Lost and the Damned

(First Published)

Main Details
Series Imperial Armour
Franchise Warhammer 40,000
Imprint Forge World
Author Andy Hoare
Writer Alan Bligh
Writer Neil Wylie
Artist Dominik Oedinger
Artist Rachel Pierce
Artist Rhys Pugh
Artist Ian Strickland
Artist Tony Cottrell
Artist Warwick Kinrade
Artist Sam Lamont
Artist Kenton Mills
Artist Paul Rudge
Artist Marc Elliot
Artist Bethan Beynon-Hughes
Artist Chris Bristow
Artist Stuart Witter
Maps Rachel Pierce
Designed by Kenton Mills
Production Paul Rudge
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Ian Strickland
Editor Talima Fox
Editor Alan Bligh
Proofreader Amy Baker
Production Forge World
Publisher Games Workshop*
Copyright Holder Games Workshop Limited
First Published
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 13
Product Code 60040187033
ISBN 13 978-1782536062
Barcode 9 781782 536062
Format Hardback
Publication Location Nottingham
Language English


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