Teraz Rock

Teraz Rock #14

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Teraz Rock
Publisher Orange Media
Editor in Chief Wiesław Weiss
Contributor Wiesław Królikowski
Contributor Maciej Szwabe
Contributor Jacek Lachowicz
Contributor Grzegorz K. Witkowski
Contributor Łukasz Wewiór
Contributor Adam Brzeziński
Contributor Adam Kaliszewski
Contributor Angelika Kucińska
Contributor Anna Gacek
Contributor Bartek Koziczyński
Contributor Michał Kirmuć
Contributor Wiesław Weiss
Contributor Paweł Czajkowski
Contributor Marcin Gajewski
Contributor Jordan Babula
Contributor Paweł Brzykcy
Review by Wiktoria Królikowska
Review by Monika Banach
Review by Wojciech Machała
Review by Jerzy Rzewuski
Review by Bartek Gil
Review by Arek Wawer
Review by Paweł Chmielowiec
Review by Marcin Pawlak
Review by Jarosław Rybski
Review by Dawid Brykalski
Photography Warner Music Group
Photography Universal Music Group
Photography Music For Nations
Photography Darek Kawka*
Photography Grzesiek Kszczotek
Photography Marek Karewicz
Graphic Design Radosław Ślusarczyk
About/Subject The White Stripes
About/Subject Kurt Cobain
About/Subject Snow Patrol
About/Subject TSA
About/Subject Scorpions
About/Subject The Divine Comedy
About/Subject Maanam
About/Subject David Byrne
About/Subject IRA
About/Subject My Dying Bride
About/Subject Jethro Tull
About/Subject Mayhem
About/Subject Metallica
About/Subject Emerson, Lake & Palmer
About/Subject Ride the Lightning (Album)
About/Subject Brain Salad Surgery (Album)
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1730-394X
Other 376965 (Nr indeksu)
Barcode 9 771730 394042 04>
Price 7,99 zł.
Format Magazine
Publication Location Poland
Page Count 100 pages
Language Polish
Chapters Insert: THE WHITE STRIPES
Features: TSA, Kurt Cobain, The Darkness, IRA, Scorpions, Maanam, Divine Comedy, Grip Inc., My Dying Bride, Mayhem, The Von Bondies, David Byrne, Jethro Tull, Metallica, Budka Suflera, Kat, Moskwa, Tosteer, Hedfirst, Amplifier, Snow Patrol, The Divine Comedy, Artur Gadowski, Myslovitz, Sweet Noise, Fish, Budgie, A Perfect Circle, Hedfirst, Profanacja, Wagiel/Mateo, Lizard, Old Time Radio, Vespa, Blackout, Grupa ABC, Czerwone Gitary, Nurt, Dezerter, Eric Clapton, Bang Gang, The Vines, Kashmir, The Walkmen, Hypocrisy, Mustasch, The Quill, Badlands, Mice Parade, Chris Rea, Symphony X.

DVD reviews: Bad Boys 2, The Good Thief, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, People I Know, Frank Zappa: Does Humor Belong In Music?, Bon Jovi: This Left Feels Right Live, Fleetwood Mac: Tango In The Night, Maanam: Maanam Vol.2, Thy Disease: Extreme Obsession Live, Guns N' Roses: Use Your Illusion-World Tour, Guns N' Roses: Welcome To The Videos.


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