Bessie Head

The Collector of Treasures


Main Details
Author Bessie Head
Publisher Heinemann
Publisher Series African Writers Series*
Publisher H.E.B*
Founding Editor Chinua Achebe
Copyright Holder Bessie Head
Typeset by Eta Services (Typesetters) Ltd.
Printed by Cox & Wyman Ltd., Fakenham, Northfolk*
Cover photo George Hallett
First Published
Identifying Codes
Series Number 182
ISBN 0 435 90182 6
Price 95p net UK only; local prices elsewhere
Format Paperback
Publication Location Great Britain
Page Count 109 pages
Font Bembo 10/11pt
Language English
Chapters 1. The Deep River: A Story of Ancient Tribal Migration
2. Heaven is not Closed
3. The Village Saint
4. Jacob: The Story of a Faith-Healing Priest
5. Life
6. Witchcraft
7. Looking for a Rain God
8. Kgotla
9. The Wind and a Boy
10. Snapshots of a Wedding
11. The Special One
12. The Collector of Treasures
13. Hunting
Notes Heinemann Educational Books Ltd
48 Charles Street, London WIX 8AH
P.M.B. 5205 Ibadan - P.O. Box 45314 Nairobi
P.O. Box 3966 Lusaka
Edinburgh Melbourne Toronto Auckland
Singapore Hong Kong Kuala Lumpur
New Delhi Kingston


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