Teraz Rock

Teraz Rock #58

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Main Details
Periodical Title Teraz Rock
Publisher Orange Media
Editor in Chief Wiesław Weiss
Contributor Robert Filipowski
Contributor Grzegorz K. Witkowski
Contributor Jordan Babula
Contributor Wiesław Królikowski
Contributor Maciek Tomaszewski
Contributor Bartek Koziczyński
Contributor Łukasz Wewiór
Contributor Michał Kirmuć
Contributor Marek Świrkowicz
Contributor Wiesław Weiss
Contributor Bartłomiej Gajda
Contributor Mirosław Piwowarek
Contributor Marcin Gajewski
Review by Wiktoria Królikowska
Review by Grzesiek Kszczotek
Review by Paweł Chmielowiec
Review by Paweł Brzykcy
Review by Mariusz Osyra
Review by Marcin Pawlak
Review by Dawid Brykalski
Graphic Design Radosław Ślusarczyk
Cover photo Dariusz Kawka
Cover photo Grzesiek Kszczotek
Photography Mirosław Makowski
Photography Anton Corbijn
Photography Universal Music Group
Photography Metal Mind
Photography EMI Group
About/Subject U2
About/Subject Queen
About/Subject Hey
About/Subject Joy Division
About/Subject Czesław Niemen
About/Subject Whitesnake
About/Subject Radiohead
About/Subject Jan Borysewicz
About/Subject Strachy Na Lachy
About/Subject Klaus Mitffoch
About/Subject Vader
About/Subject Fish
About/Subject Closer (Album)
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
ISSN 1730-394X
Other Nr INDEKSU 376965
Barcode 9 771730 394073 12>
Price 7,99 zł.
Format Magazine
Publication Location Poland
Page Count 100 pages
Language Polish
Chapters Insert: RADIOHEAD
Features: U2, Vader, Hard-Fi, Strachy na lachy, Fish, Indios Bravos, Against Me, Jan Borysewicz, Led Zeppelin, SKTC, Les Bigos, Grin Piss, Radio Bagdad, Klaus Mitffoch, Gallows, Hey, SBB, Skaldowie, The Kolt, Daymares, Małgorzata Ostrowska, Niemen, Feel, Coheed And Cambria, The Eagles, Queen, Pride And Fall, Roger Waters, Annie Lennox, Prong, Alvin Lee, Toto, Exodus, Rob Rock, Agent Steel, Whitesnake, Electric Light Orchestra Part II, Slade, Bon Jovi.

DVD reviews: Vader: And The Blood Was Shed In Warsaw, AC/DC: Plug Me In, Slayer: The Unholy Alliance Charter II, Sigur Ros: Heima, Blackfield: NYC - Live In New York City.


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