Chris Salewicz

Redemption Song: The Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Chris Salewicz
Cover/Jacket Design by Chuck Sperry
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Design) Chuck Sperry
Cover photo Pennie Smith
Copyright Holder (Photos) Pennie Smith
Cover photo Bob Gruen
Copyright Holder (Photos) Bob Gruen
Cover photo John Zimmerman
Copyright Holder (Photos) John Zimmerman
Author photo/portrait Pamela Esterson
Copyright Holder (Photos) Pamela Esterson
Copyright Holder Chris Salewicz
Printed and Bound by LegoPrint S.p.A.
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
About/Subject The Clash
About/Subject Joe Strummer
About/Subject The 101ers
First Published
Identifying Codes
Price £20.00
ISBN 10 0 00 717211 7
ISBN 13 978 0 00 717211 5
Printer's Key 1
Format Hardback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 660 pages
Language English


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