Clinton Heylin

All Yesterdays' Parties - The Velvet Underground In Print : 1966-1971

(First Published)

Main Details
Editor Clinton Heylin
Writer Clinton Heylin
Writer Grace Glueck
Writer Bosley Crowther
Writer John Wilcock
Writer Kevin Thomas
Writer Paul Jay Robbins
Writer Susan Nelson
Writer Larry McCombs
Writer Richard Goldstein
Writer Linda LaMarre
Writer Judy Altman
Writer Ingrid Superstar
Writer Andrew Lugg
Writer Larry Kasdan*
Writer Timothy Jacobs
Writer Richard Whitehall
Writer Sandy Pearlman
Writer Robert Gold
Writer Wayne McGuire
Writer Judy Sims*
Writer F. D. Williams
Writer Joe Anderson
Writer Robert Somma
Writer Lester Bangs
Writer Paul Williams (2)
Writer Adrian Ribola
Writer Ramblin' Jim Martin
Writer Richard Williams
Writer Lita Eliscu
Writer Robert Greenfield
Writer Greg Barrios
Writer Lenny Kaye
Writer Phil Morris
Writer Richard Nusser
Writer Mike Jahn
Writer Dick Fountain
Writer Tom Mancuso
Writer Walter Hitesman
Writer Geoffrey Cannon
Writer Danny Goldberg
Writer Ben Edmonds
Contributor Patti Smith
Cover/Jacket Design by Alex Camlin
Copyright Holder Clinton Heylin
Designed by Trish Wilkinson
Imprint Da Capo Press
Publisher Perseus Books Group
About/Subject The Velvet Underground
About/Subject Andy Warhol
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-306-81365-3
Barcode 9780306813658
Price $26.00 US
Price $36.95 CAN
Format Hardback
Publication Location USA
Page Count 278 pages
Font Goudy 11.5-point
Language English


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