Chris Potash

The Jimi Hendrix Companion: Three Decades of Commentary


Main Details
Editor Chris Potash
Writer Chris Welch (2)
Writer Keith Altham
Writer Dawn James
Writer Norrie Drummond
Writer Alan Walsh
Writer Ritchie Yorke
Writer Ben Fong-Torres
Writer Sheila Weller
Writer John Burks
Writer Roy Hollingworth
Writer Michael Lydon
Writer John Morthland
Writer John Piccarella
Writer David Flooke
Writer Jim Miller
Writer Paul Caruso
Writer Albert Goldman
Writer Frank Kofsky
Writer Douglas Pringle
Writer P. J. O'Rourke
Writer Rick
Writer Mort A. Credit
Writer Dave Marsh
Writer Curtis Knight
Writer Don Menn
Writer S. L. Duff
Writer Gene Santoro
Writer Bill Milkowski
Writer Ben Goertzel
Writer Paul Gilroy
Writer Paul Clarke
Writer Samuel A. Floyd, Jr.
Writer Sheila Whiteley
Writer John Rockwell
Writer Henry Gwiazda
Writer Michael Rosenstein
Writer Gary Vargas
Writer Douglas J. Noble
Writer Jon Pareles
Writer Chuck Philips
Writer Frank Owen (2)
Writer Simon Reynolds
Writer Tom Nordlie
Writer Ken Richardson
Writer Greg Baker
Writer Mark Hale
Writer Mark Prendergast
Writer Tom Gogola
Writer Andy Ellis
Writer Bob Hicks
Contributor New Musical Express
Contributor Melody Maker
Contributor Newsweek
Contributor Rolling Stone
Contributor The New York Times
Contributor Logos (3)
Contributor The New Yorker
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Design) REM Studio, Inc.
Cover photo Joseph Sia*
Copyright Holder Schirmer Books
Copyright Holder Omnibus Press
Copyright Holder Simon & Schuster Macmillan
Licensed from Macmillan USA
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Book Sales Limited
Publisher Omnibus Press
About/Subject Jimi Hendrix
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0.7119.6635.4
Barcode 9780711966352
Other OP 48019
Price £9.95
Format Paperback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 239 pages
Language English
Notes Printed in the United States of America


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