The Talking Thrush and Other Tales from India

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Collected by W. Crooke*
Retold/Rewritten by W. H. D. Rouse
Illustrator W. H. Robinson*
Publisher J. M. Dent & Co.
Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson & Co.
About/Subject India
This Edition Published
Format Hardback
Publication Location London
Page Count 217 pages
Language English
Chapters The Talking Thrush
The Rabbit and the Monkey
The Sparrow's Revenge
The Judgment of the Jackal
How the Mouse got into his Hole
King Solomon and the Owl
The Camel's Neck
The Quail and the Fowler
The King of the Kites
The Jackal and the Camel
The Wise Old Shepherd
Beware of Bad Company
The Foolish Wolf
Reflected Glory
The Cat and the Sparrows
The Foolish Fish
The Clever Goat
A Crow is a Crow for Ever
The Grateful Goat
The Cunning Jackal; or, The Biter Bit
The Farmer's Ass
The Parrot Judge
The Frog and the Snake
Little Miss Mouse and her Friends
The Jackal that Lost his Tail
The Wily Tortoise
The King of the Mice
The Valiant Blackbird
The Goat and the Hog
The Parrot and the Parson
The Lion and the Hare
The Monkey's Bargains
The Monkey's Rebuke
The Bull and the Bullfinch
The Swan and the Crow
Pride shall have a Fall
The Kid and the Tiger
The Stag, the Crow, and the Jackal
The Monkey and the Crows
The Swan and the Paddy-bird
What is a Man?
The Wound and the Scar
The Cat and the Parrot



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