Vince Aletti

The Disco Files 1973-78: New York's underground, week by week

Main Details
Author Vince Aletti
Copyright Holder Vince Aletti
Copyright Holder Michael Gomes
Copyright Holder
Editor Frank Broughton
Editor Bill Brewster
Cover/Jacket Design by Leo Elstob
Designed by John Meikle
Layout Design Frank Broughton
Layout Design Dave Barlow
Copy Editor Miranda Morton
Copy Editor Christopher Moss
Copy Editor Susannah Gowers
Photography Toby Old
Photography Peter Hujar
Printed by Pyramid Press
About/Subject Disco Music
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9780956189608
Format Paperback
Page Count 467 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction
Discotheque Rock '73: Paaaaarty!
Dancing Madness
The Loft
The Men In The Glass Booth
I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me
A Dialogue Between Two Editors
Disco Files 1974
Disco Files 1975
Disco Files 1976
Disco Files 1977
Disco Files 1978
Vince Aletti Interviewed


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