Darren P. Upton

W.A.S.P. - Sting in the Tale


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Author Darren P. Upton
Cover photo Frank White
Copyright Holder Darren P. Upton
Printed by MPG Biddles*
Publisher Scotter Books
About/Subject W.A.S.P.
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ISBN 978-0-9569363-0-1
Barcode 9 780956 936301
Format Hardback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 263 pages
Language English
Chapters Acknowledgements
1. The invisible boy
2. One mean motherfucking man and the pied Piper of Texas
3. The Pipes and Chewbacca dialogues
4. The gods you worship are steel
5. O.K. boy now here's your deal
6. Cries in the night
7. The animals are all insane
8. Father come save us from this madness we're under
9. Welcome to the morgue
10. Black sun, rain on me
11. Kneel before the horror
12. Hot rods to hell
13. Oh lord, why am I here?
14. Crazy to love me
15. Rock and roll to death
Blackie - The man behind the mirror
Meaning of the name
Blackie titbits
The fans
Musical tributes
Sources of information
W.A.S.P. discography
Notes W.A.S.P. were one of the primary heavy metal bands to crawl from the gutter of the early 80's Los Angeles scene. Led by the charismatic, intense and dark Blackie Lawless, W.A.S.P. went on to cement their status as rock legends.
From their early shows full of blood and gore, to Blackie's dramatic shift back to his newly rediscovered Christian faith, this book charts it all in revealing detail.
Riveting and controversial, Sting in the Tale bids you Welcome inside one of the most enduring and underrated bands of all time.
Complete with a comprehensive W.A.S.P. family tree and rare never seen before live and backstage photos.
Discover inside:
-Who originally named the band W.A.S.P.
-What really happened to Tony Richards
-The story behind the W.A.S.P. classics
-New and exclusive interviews with ex-members: Rik Fox, Gary Holland, Johnny Rod, Randy Piper, Chris Holmes, Stet Howland and Steve Riley!


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