Askar Akaev

Kyrgyz Statehood and the National Epos "Manas"


Main Details
Author Askar Akaev
About/Subject Kyrgyzstan
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 1592670059
ISBN 13 9781592670055
Other 55214656
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 361 pages
Language English
Chapters Heritage and riddles of ancient centuries --
Kyrgyzstan : our common home --
Heroic eposes and historical events --
Overseas invasions in the destiny of the Kyryz people --
The great Kyrgyz empire --
The Kyrgyz during the epoch of Genghis Khan --
Epoch of Tamerlane --
Time : according to Kokand --
Arrival of Russia in Ala-Too --
The Soviet authority in Kyrgyzstan --
The birth of sovereign Kyrgyzstan --
Kyrgyzstan : the country of human rights --
China and the Kyrgyz in historical restrospection --
The epos "Manas" and Kyrgyz statehood --
The south of Kyrgyzstan in the whirlpool of history --
Mountains in the historical destiny of the Kyrgyz --
Passionarnostʹ through the eyes of a physicist.
Notes The centuries long struggle of the ancient Kyrgyz people for sovereignty is connected to their epic, "Manas", which is one of the longest epics in existence.
Askar Akaev, writes an account of his people, the Kyrgyz, and their centuries-long struggle for independence, leading up to the difficulties of their young democracy, under his leadership as president.

The Kyrgyz Republic is situated along the ancient Silk Road, and the ancient Kyrgyz people were a nomadic tribe of Asia.


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