Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue 178

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Main Details
Periodical Title Rue Morgue
Publisher Marrs Media Inc.
Interview with/Interviewee Richard Stanley
Interview with/Interviewee Kristen Sollée
Interview with/Interviewee W.I.T.C.H.
About/Subject Dario Argento
About/Subject Matt Cardin
About/Subject Stephen King
About/Subject Bill Skarsgård
About/Subject Barbara Muschietti
About/Subject Caitlin Doughty
About/Subject Thom Burgess
About/Subject Barney Bodoano
About/Subject Grady Hendrix
About/Subject Enzo Sciotti
Contributor Benoit Black
Contributor Lyle Blackburn
Contributor Ashlee Blackwell
Contributor John W. Bowen
Contributor James Burrell
Contributor Pedro Cabezuelo
Contributor Richelle Charkot
Contributor Adam Clarke (2)
Contributor Jay Clarke
Contributor Paul Corupe
Contributor Deirdre Crimmins
Contributor Alex Deller
Contributor Scott Feinblatt
Contributor Michael Gingold
Contributor The Gore-Met
Contributor Chris Hammond
Contributor Mark R. Hasan
Contributor Last Chance Lance
Contributor Alison Lang (2)
Contributor Izzy Lee
Contributor Carolyn Mauricette
Contributor Evan Millar
Contributor Dejan Ognjanović
Contributor Sean Plummer
Contributor Gary Pullin
Contributor Chris Rowella
Contributor Matt St. Cyr
Contributor Jon E. Steffens
Contributor Jeff Szpirglas
Contributor Glenn Tilson
Contributor Alexandra West
Contributor Tal Zimerman
Cover Artist Sara Deck
Cover/Jacket Design by Andrew Wright
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price CAN/US $9.95
Barcode (UPC) 074470023722
UPC 10
Issue Number 178
ISSN 1481-1103
Other Agreement No. 40033764
Format Magazine
Publication Location Toronto, Ontario
Page Count 90 pages
Language English
Chapters Bonfires & Broomsticks
by Andrea Subissati, Benoit Black and Michael Gingold

25 Non-Fiction Genre Film Books That Every Horror Fan Should Own
by Paul Corupe, Dejan Ognjanovic, Ashlee Blackwell, Andy Burns, Jay Clarke, Michael Gingold, Alison Lang, Izzy Lee, Carolyn Mauricette, Evan Millar, Sean Plummer, Matt St. Cyr, Jeff Szpirglas and Alexandra West

How to Build an Evil Clown
by Monica S. Kuebler

Death Becomes Her
by Alison Lang

They Came from Rue Morgue
by Aaron von Lupton

Twenty Years of Rue Morgue in Pictures
by Various

Spooky Pinball
by Gary Pullin

Note from Underground
The Coroner's Report
Needful Things
Bowen's Basement
Black Museum
Blood in Four Colours
The Ninth Circle
The Fright Gallery
Homicidal Homemaker
Audio Drome
Play Dead
Notes Printed in Canada


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