Audion #38

(First Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Audion
About/Subject Music
Staff Writer Alan Freeman
Staff Editor Steve Freeman
Contributing Writer Howard Ames
Contributing Writer Peter Beaman
Contributing Writer Chris Conway
Contributing Writer The Gatsby Crab*
Contributing Writer Dave Griffith
Contributing Writer John O'Regan
Contributing Writer Gerry Quirke
Contributing Writer Gary Scott
Contributing Writer Alan Terrill
About/Subject Julian Cope
About/Subject Sphere
About/Subject IQ
About/Subject Artemiy Artemiev
About/Subject Cluster
About/Subject Volcano The Bear
About/Subject Heinz Fröhling
About/Subject Urban Sax
About/Subject Krautrock
About/Subject The Deviants
About/Subject King Crimson
About/Subject Cuneiform
About/Subject Second Battle
First Published
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 38
ISSN 0958-0972
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 44 pages
Language English
Chapters Contents, Info, Editorial, etc
Hello (Editorial)
Diversions (News, New Releases, etc.)
NME at the NFT - Julian Cope Presents A Krautrocksampler
Sphere & IQ - The Palace Theatre, Newark, 11/5/97
Artemiy Artemiev (Review Feature)
Cluster On Tour (Review Feature)
Rock In Opposition, Part 4: The French Connection
Volcano The Bear - Physio & Firkin, Leicester, 31/5/97 & 6/7/97
Rescued Relics
An Interview With Heinz Fröhling Of SFF
The Avant-Garde Sector
Urban Sax - "Street Life" at the South Bank, London, 18/7/97
Krautrock Today
In Sight (Magazines, Fanzines, etc.)
The Crazy Psychedelic Underground Of The Deviants
King Crimson ("Epitaph" Feature)
Cuneiform Records (New Releases)
Second Battle (New Releases)
Useful Contacts Addresses
Notes Original edition.
Professionally litho-printed on semi-gloss paper.
1,000 copies.

Never reprinted.


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