Playing In The Band


Main Details
Text by David Ganz
Photography Peter Simon
Foreword by Phil Lesh
Publisher St Martin's Press*
Copyright Holder (Text) David Ganz
Copyright Holder (Photos) Peter Simon
Producer March Tenth, Inc.
Designed by Chic Ago
Cover photo Michael O'Neill*
Copyright Holder (Photos) Michael O'Neill*
Cover photo Herbie Green*
About/Subject The Grateful Dead
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-312-60630-9
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-52537
Price $14.95
Edition No. First
Format Trade Paperback
Page Count 191 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters Foreword by Phil Lesh 7
Preface 9
Acknowledgments 11
Introduction 13
Chapter 1 The Players 21
Chapter 2 The Band 33
Chapter 3 Acid Test 41
Chapter 4 Crazy Fingers 49
Chapter 5 Dark Star 69
Chapter 6 Songwriting 77
Chapter 7 Recording, Part 1 89
Chapter 8 Gigs 95
Chapter 9 Pigpen 127
Chapter 10 Keyboards 135
Chapter 11 Self-determination 141
Chapter 12 Recording, Part 2 151
Chapter 13 Deadheads 157
Chapter 14 Band, Crew, and Office 173
Sources 189
Notes Composition by Folio Graphics Co. Inc.
New photographs and compilation of pre-existing photographs copyright © 1985 by Peter Simon
Front cover photograph © 1985 by Michael O'Neill Backdrop by Sarah Oliphant Back cover by Herbie Green Cover Design by Paolo Pepe


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