Unhinged #5

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Unhinged
Music by Wednesday Week
About/Subject Wednesday Week
About/Subject The Walkabouts
About/Subject American Music Club
About/Subject Penelope Houston
About/Subject Merrell Fankhauser
About/Subject Reefus Moons
About/Subject Brainiac 5
About/Subject The Shells
Editor Paul*
Contributing Writer Steve Ditto
Contributing Writer Steve Slime
Contributing Writer Heather O'Grace
Contributing Writer Kim Cooper (2)
Contributing Writer Bill Waid
Contributing Writer Colin Hill
Contributing Writer Carron Hall
Artist Sumishta Brahm
Poetry by Roberto Bui
Poetry by Childe Roland
Poetry by Alan E. Davies
Lyrics by Barbara Manning
Staff Sheila Ricketts
Photography Phoebe Pix
Photography Charles Peterson
Photography Kyle Zimmerman
Photography Bob King
Photography Cynthia McClain*
Photography Ben Thompson (2)
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 5
ISSN 09589112
Other Christmas 1989
Format Zine
Publication Location Wiltshire, England
Page Count 44 pages
Language English
Notes With free 7" flexi-disc:

Wednesday Week - It's A Steal / Special (UHM-005)


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