P.B. Medawar

Advice to a Young Scientist


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Author P.B. Medawar
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Chapters Preface to the Series
Author's Preface

1. Introduction
2. How Can I Tell if I Am Cut Out to Be a Scientific Research Worker?
3. What Shall I Do Research On?
4. How Can I Equip Myself to Be a Scientist or a Better One?
5. Sexism and Racism in Science
6. Aspects of Scientific Life and Manners
7. Of Younger and Older Scientists
8. Presentations
9. Experiment and Discovery
10. Prizes and Rewards
11. The Scientific Process
12. Scientific Meliorism Versus Scientific Messianism

Notes Portions of this work originally appeared in Harper's Magazine and The Sciences.

Copyright © 1979 by Sir Peter Medawar
Printed in the United States of America

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