Ivor Baddiel

Ultimate Football


Main Details
Author Ivor Baddiel
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Jane Donnelly
Editor Rachel Wardley
Art Director/Editor Sharon Grant
Art Director/Editor Ivan Finnegan
Deputy Managing Editor Dawn Sirett
Other C. David Gillingwater
Other Nicola Studdart
Other Cordelia Springer
Production Ruth Cobb
Photo/Picture Researcher Sam Ruston
Consultant Keir Radnedge
Copyright Holder Dorling Kindersley Limited
Copyright Holder (Excerpt) FIFA
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Limited
Reproduction G.R.B.*
Printed and Bound by L.E.G.O.*
About/Subject Football (Soccer)
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 0-7513-4771X
ISBN 13 978-0-75134-771-5
Barcode 9 780751 347715
Price £5.99
Format Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 96 pages
Language English
Chapters Second Edition
Editor Hannah Wilson
Designer Jonathan Bailey
Consultant Ron Hockings

Third Edition
Editor Margaret Hynes
Designer Ann Cannings
Picture Research Brenda Clynch
Consultant Margaret Hynes


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