Axel van der Ende

Are we there yet?

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Axel van der Ende
Designed by Robert-Jaap Jansen
Foreword by Bart de Boear
Epilogue by Berry Bemelmans
Illustrator Anton Pieck
Publisher Uniboek
Imprint Het Spectrum
Imprint Efteling
About/Subject Efteling
About/Subject Amusement Park
About/Subject Dark Ride
About/Subject Roller Coaster
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978 90 003 0570 4
Format Hardback
Publication Location Netherlands
Page Count 208 pages
Language English
Original Language Dutch
Original Title Zijn we d'r al?
Chapters Foreword
And so it came to pass
A long, long time ago...
Sailing, floating, climbing and puffing
Tea, treats and magic water
From slides to rollercoasters
Nature takes pride of place
Pure green enjoyment
Water guide
A world within a world
Around and around and around
Efteling is always with you
The world of Efteling
Stars shine at Efteling
From doves to dragons
Come with us to Efteling
Efteling is always close by
Notes Subtitle: 60 years in words and images
Contains inserts:
- Lenticular printed card
- Replica greeting cards
- Replica admission tickets
- Jigsaw puzzle
- Replica photos
- Newspaper sheet
- Poster
- Fold-out timeline


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