Paul Gorman

In Their Own Write: Adventures in the Music Press


Main Details
Author Paul Gorman
Foreword by Charles Shaar Murray
Printed by MPG Books Ltd
Publisher Sanctuary Publishing Limited
Copyright Holder Paul Gorman
Contributor Keith Altham
Contributor Danny Baker
Contributor Lester Bangs
Contributor Claude Bessy
Contributor Alan Betrock
Contributor John Broven
Contributor Julie Burchill
Contributor Garry Bushell
Contributor Roy Carr
Contributor Brian Case
Contributor David Cavanagh
Contributor Barbara Charone
Contributor Robert Christgau
Contributor Nik Cohn
Contributor Ray Coleman
Contributor Caroline Coon
Contributor Cameron Crowe
Contributor David Dalton (2)
Contributor Anthony DeCurtis
Contributor Jim DeRogatis
Contributor Chas de Whalley
Contributor Fred Dellar
Contributor Paul Du Noyer
Contributor Danny Fields
Contributor Mick Farren
Contributor Ben Fong-Torres
Contributor Pete Frame
Contributor Simon Frith
Contributor Jerry Gilbert
Contributor Charlie Gillett
Contributor Vivien Goldman
Contributor Jonathon Green
Contributor Mary Harron
Contributor David Hepworth
Contributor Paolo Hewitt
Contributor Tom Hibbert
Contributor John Holmstrom
Contributor Nick Hornby
Contributor Barney Hoskyns
Contributor Lindsay Hutton
Contributor Chrissie Hynde
Contributor Allan Jones
Contributor Dylan Jones
Contributor Lenny Kaye
Contributor Nick Kent
Contributor Berenice Kinn
Contributor Maurice Kinn
Contributor Barry Kramer
Contributor Harvey Kubernik
Contributor Steve Lamacq
Contributor Kurt Loder
Contributor Nick Logan
Contributor Ian MacDonald
Contributor Pearce Marchbank
Contributor Greil Marcus
Contributor Craig Marks
Contributor Dave Marsh
Contributor Legs McNeil
Contributor Richard Meltzer
Contributor John Mendelsohn (2)
Contributor Barry Miles
Contributor Paul Morley
Contributor Charles Shaar Murray
Contributor Kris Needs
Contributor Paul Nelson
Contributor Glenn O'Brien
Contributor Lucy O'Brien
Contributor Tony Parsons
Contributor John Peel
Contributor Andy Pemberton
Contributor Ian Penman
Contributor Mark Perry
Contributor Simon Reynolds
Contributor Dave Rimmer
Contributor Ira Robbins
Contributor Lisa Robinson
Contributor Lillian Roxon
Contributor Chris Salewicz
Contributor "Metal" Mike Saunders*
Contributor Jon Savage
Contributor Greg Shaw
Contributor Pete Silverton
Contributor Sylvie Simmons
Contributor Alan Smith
Contributor Patti Smith
Contributor Mat Snow
Contributor Neil Spencer
Contributor Danny Sugerman
Contributor Derek Taylor
Contributor James Truman
Contributor Nick Tosches
Contributor Tony Tyler
Contributor Jaan Uhelski*
Contributor Penny Valentine
Contributor Steven Ward
Contributor Michael Watts
Contributor Chris Welch (2)
Contributor Jann Wenner*
Contributor Mark Williams (2)
Contributor Paul Williams (2)
Contributor Richard Williams
Contributor Charles M. Young
Photography Archive IPC Media Ltd
Photography Archive EMAP Metro Ltd
Identifying Codes
Price UK £12.99
Price US $18.95
ISBN 1-86074-341-2
Barcode 9781860743412
Format Paperback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 397 pages
Language English


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