Transformers: Beginnings


Main Details
Writer Bob Budiansky
Writer Ralph Macchio
Writer Bill Mantlo
Writer Jim Salicrup
Illustrator Alan Kupperberg
Illustrator Frank Springer
Illustrator Ian Akin
Illustrator Kim DeMulder
Illustrator Mike Esposito
Illustrator Brian Garvey
Lettering Janice Chiang
Lettering Mike Higgins
Lettering Rick Parker
Lettering John Workman
Colored/Colorized by Nel Yomtov
Series Editor Bob Budiansky
Series Editor Jim Owsley
Copyright Holder Hasbro
Copyright Holder Marvel Characters, Inc.
Licensed from Hasbro Consumer Products
Cover Artist Andrew Wildman
Franchise Transformers
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1-84023-653-X
Barcode 9 781840 236231
Price UK: £14.99
Price US: $16.65
Format Paperback
Language English
Notes This book collects issue #1-6 of Transformers (Vol. 1) originally published in single issue form by Marvel Comics, USA

© 2003 Hasbro. All rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro Consumer Products

SPIDER-MAN and the distinctive likenesses thereof: ™ & © 2003 Marvel Characters, Inc.


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