Contemporary Keyboard*

Contemporary Keyboard (1975/09&10)

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Main Details
Periodical Title Contemporary Keyboard*
Publisher Jim Crockett
Editor Tom Darter
Associate Editor Dominic Milano
About/Subject Chick Corea
About/Subject Bob Moog
About/Subject Bela Bartok*
About/Subject Synthesizers
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 1.00 US
Volume Number 1
Issue Number 1
Format Magazine
Publication Location Unites States
Language English
Chapters 8 // Max Morath
Ragtime piano master.
By Jim Aikin

10 // N.A.M.M. 1975
Keyboard equipment preview.
By CK's staff

12 // Clifton Chenier
King of zydeco accordion.
By Dan Forte

14 // Bob Moog
Synthesizer pioneer.
By Dominic Milano

16 // Bela Bartok
Extending the piano's vocabulary.
By Gyorgy Sandor

20 // Chick Corea
Multi-keyboard giant.
By Tom Darter

28 // Boogie Woogie
A two-fisted piano style.
By Eric Kriss

30 // "I Need A Little Spirit"
Boogie Woogie piano solo.
By Dave Alexander

39 // Free $3000 Mellotron


41 // Joe Sample: Backstage
42 // Chick Corea: Keyboards & Music
43 // Bill Irwin: Pop Organ Workshop
44 // Art Van Dammc: Modern Accordion
45 // Bob Moog: On Synthesizers

4 // Letters: Readers Write
6 // Questions: CK Answers
46 // Records: Current LP's
50 // Spec Sheet: New Equipment
Notes Cover Story : Chick Corea


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