Russell Banks

Rule of the Bone


Main Details
Author Russell Banks
Designed by C. Linda Dingler
Publisher HarperCollins
About/Subject Coming of Age Story (genre)
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-06-017275-4
Format Hardback
Page Count 390 pages
Language English
Chapters 1. Just Don't Touch Anything
2. All Is Forgiven
3. Canadians
4. Adirondack Iron
5. Presumed Dead
6. Skull & Bones
7. The Bone Rules
8 The Soul Assassins
9. School Days
10. Home Again, Home Again, Jiggerty-Jig
11. Red Rover
12. Over The River and Through The Woods
13. Mister Yesterday
14. Crossing The Bar
15. Sunsplashed
16. Starport
17. Happy Birthday To Bone
18. Bone Goes Native
19. Second Thoughts
20. Bone Phones Home
21. Bone's Revenge
22. Shipping Out


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