POP 2000

POP 2000 (N° 06)

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Publisher Mike Lécuyer
Director Mike Lécuyer
Director Jacques Barbier
Editor in Chief Mike Lécuyer
Contributing Writer Jacques Leblanc
Contributing Writer Alain Lemaire
Photography Philippe Frin
Photography Roger Habert
Periodical Title POP 2000
About/Subject Ange
About/Subject The Doors
About/Subject Jerry Lee Lewis
About/Subject The Grateful Dead
About/Subject Jimi Hendrix
About/Subject Soft Machine
About/Subject East of Eden
About/Subject Dick Rivers
About/Subject Voyage
About/Subject Papoose
About/Subject Virus (2)
About/Subject Jacques Higelin
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 6
Price 2 Francs
Format Magazine
Publication Location France
Page Count 24 pages
Language French
Chapters Monthly
Cover : Ange


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