Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Emma


Main Details
Author Jane Austen
Imprint Blitz Editions
Publisher Bookmart Ltd
Cover Art by English School
Reproduction rights Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery
Reproduction rights Bridgeman Art Library
Reproduction rights Mary Evans Picture Library
Production Book Production Consultants PLC*
Printed and Bound by WSOY*
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1-85605-184-6
Barcode 9 781856 051842 >
ISBN 1 85605 184 6
Format Paperback
Publication Location England
Page Count 206, 216, 360 pages
Language English
Notes © This edition Blitz Editions 1993

Published in this edition by Blitz Editions, an imprint of Bookmart Ltd, Registered No. 2372865 England
Trading as Bookmart Ltd

cover illustrations:
Main picture - Mansion on a hill overlooking a village, English School. Reproduced by permission of Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery, Kent/Bridgeman art Gallery, London.
Inset - Hat shop. Reproduced by permission of Mary Evans Picture Library, London.

Production services by Book Production Consultants PLC, Cambridge

Printed and bound in Finland by WSOY


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