Bestial Desecration Fanzine #1

(First Printing)

Main Details
Publisher Destruktion Records
First Printing
Format Zine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 72 pages
Language English
Chapters Interviews:
Matterhorn, Evil Force, Formel 1, Manzer, Eurynomos, R'lyeh, Erzebet, Beyondition, Hellfire (CHN), Rumble Militia, Cryptic Slaughter.

"A Blast from the Past"-Articles with: Crux, Alexander Nevski, Divlje Jagode

"Norwegian Black Metal"-Report: Mare, Kaosritual, Black Majesty, Unbeing, Min Kniv

Limited to 250 copies.
Notes Editors:
-Infernal Destruktor (Main-Editor, Interviews, Layout, Production, Reviews and Concept)
-Dr. Stahl ("A Blast from the Past"-Articles, Reviews)
-Jero Hint (CHN-Interview, Reviews)

Other Staff:

-John Weirdface (Cryptic Slaughter Interview)
-Uli Jon Goth (Nor. Black Metal-Report)

Artwork & Logo by: Jenglot Hitam


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