Rock Scully

Living with the Dead


Main Details
Author Rock Scully
Co-Author David Dalton (2)
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
About/Subject The Grateful Dead
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-316-77712-9
Price 24.45
Price 24.95
Format Soft cover
Page Count 400 pages
Language English
Chapters The World's Biggest Crystal
The Octagon Is In Place
Plaid Iguanas
Acid Rain
710 Ashbury
The Gathering Of The Tribes
High Noon On The Haight
Anthem Of The Sun
Whores, Wars, Weed And The Wild, Wild Northwest
Two For The Road
Box Of Rain
We're All Bozos On The Bus
Ship Of Fools
Barbarians In Europe
Blues For Allah
Zeno's Lullaby
Trouble Behind
A Terrapin On Shakedown Street
Up In Smoke
Before I Get Old
Chief Smoking Mocassin
Notes Living With The Dead / Twenty Years On The Bus With Garcia And The Grateful Dead

Uncorrected Advance Proof From Little, Brown


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