Dave Lewis, Simon Pallett

Led Zeppelin: The Concert File


Main Details
Author Dave Lewis
Author Simon Pallett
Book Design by 4i Limited
Cover/Jacket Design by Mike Warry
Editor Chris Charlesworth
Photography Ara Ashjian
Photography Atlantic Archives
Photography Irwin Bieber
Photography John Yaglinski
Photography Eddie Blower
Photography Richard Aaron*
Photography Alge
Photography Anne Bjorndal
Photography Richard Borg
Photography Greg Chalk
Photography J.T. Comerford III
Photography Fin Costello
Photography Andre Csillag
Photography Mike Daily
Photography Carl Dunn
Photography Brian Evans
Photography Howard Fields
Photography Nigel Glazier
Photography Globe Photos
Photography Bob Gruen
Photography Ross Halfin
Photography Tom Hanley
Photography Alan Hare
Photography Willam Heilemann
Photography G. Irwin
Photography Willam Hames
Photography Hugh Jones
Photography Steve Kurasch
Photography John Kink
Photography London Features International
Photography Dave Lewis
Photography Tom Locke
Photography Kevin Mazur
Photography Gary Merrin
Photography Dean Messina
Photography Philip Morris
Photography Howard Mylett
Photography Photo Features*
Photography Robert Pistella
Photography Barry Plummer
Photography Norwood Price
Photography Aubrey Powell
Photography Neal Preston
Photography Michael Putland
Photography Chris Taylor (4)
Photography Larry Ratner
Photography Redferns
Photography Retna
Photography Rex Features
Photography Ebet Roberts
Photography Pennie Smith
Photography Star File
Photography Syndication Int*
Photography TBL Archive
Photography Tim Tirelli
Photography Jorg Tschirschwitz
Photography Tyne Tees TV
Photography Jan Way
Photography Steve Way
Photography Dave Wilson
Photography Graham A. Wiltshire
Photography Jay Williams
Photo/Picture Researcher Dave Lewis
Photo/Picture Researcher Nikki Russell
Publisher Omnibus Press
About/Subject Led Zeppelin
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-7119-5307-4
Price 22.95 US
Format Soft cover
Page Count 176 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction
Prologue: The Early Performing Days Of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham & John Paul Jones
The Led Zeppelin Concert File
Colour Chronology
Appendix One: The Solo Years
Appendix Two: The Page / Plant World Tour
Appendix Three: The Bootleg File
Notes & Acknowledgments


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