Enid Blyton

The Flopperty Bird and Other Stories

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Enid Blyton
Publisher Series Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards
Illustrator Lesley Smith
Publisher Award Publications Limited
Copyright Holder (Selection) Enid Blyton Limited*
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Award Publications Limited
First Published
This Edition Published
Second Impression
Identifying Codes
Series Number 65
ISBN 10 1-84135-433-3
ISBN 13 978-1-84135-433-0
Barcode 9 781841 354330
Format Hardback
Page Count 188 pages
Language English
Chapters Contents:
- The Flopperty Bird
- The Gossamer Elf
- The Poor Old Teddy
- The Little Siging Kettle
- The Floating Duck
- You Musn't Do That!
- The Three Chocolate Bears
- The Toy's Great Adventure
- The Magic Pinny-minny Flower
- Look Out, Busy-Body!
- Ginger Really is a Help
- The Magic Sweetshop
- Teddy and the Elves
- Wanted - A Royal Snow-digger


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