Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Rich Fulcher

The Mighty Book of Boosh

(First Published)

Main Details
About/Subject The Mighty Boosh
Designed by Dave Brown (2)
Compiled by Dave Brown (2)
Author Noel Fielding
Author Julian Barratt
Author Rich Fulcher
Author Dave Brown (2)
Author Richard Ayoade
Author Michael Fielding
Contributor Oliver Ralfe
Contributor Dee Plume
First Published by Canongate Books Ltd
Copyright Holder (Text) The Mighty Boosh
Copyright Holder (Design) Dave Brown (2)
Copyright Holder (Photos) Dave Brown (2)
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Noel Fielding
Copyright Holder (Graphics) Noel Fielding
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Julian Barratt
Copyright Holder (Graphics) Julian Barratt
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Mr Bingo
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Ivana Zorn
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Jake Steel
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) John Chandler
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Oliver Ralfe
Copyright Holder (Photos) Dee Plume
Copyright Holder (Photos) Sue Denim
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Andrew Rae
Copyright Holder (Photos) Nigel Coan
Copyright Holder (Photos) Noel Fielding
Reproduction Syntax
Printed and Bound by LEGO S.p.a.*
Story by JAKe*
Artist JAKe*
Literary Script by JAKe*
Literary Script by Julian*
Literary Script by Noel*
Copyright Holder (Text) JAKe*
Copyright Holder (Text) Julian*
Copyright Holder (Text) Noel*
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978 1 84767 322 0
Format Hardback
Publication Location Great Britain, Edinburgh
Page Count 304 pages
Language English
Chapters Intorduction From Howard And Vince
The Flighty Zeus
A Word From Howard
A Word From Vince
Hey Losers: A Word From Bob Fossil
Naboo: The Story Of The Actor And The Sock
Bollo's Gotta Bad Feelin' About Porn
A To Z Of Animals
Vince Noir: Childhood Tales From The Jungle
Calm A Llama Crimp
Ol Gregg's Watercolours
A Hitcher's Tale
An Outrage At The Sham Nlodge
Bollo's Letters To Peter Jackson
Jean-Claude Jacquette Crimp
Howard Moon's Arctic Journal
The Phases Of The Moon
Bob Fossil's Postcards From Nam
Naboo's Book Of Black Magic
The Evolution Of The Table Top Globe
The Might Boosh In Bongo Nihongo: A Comic Book
Rudy Van Disarzio's Tales Of Wisdom
Eleanor's Top Sex-pressions
Soup Crimp
Howard Moon's Jazz Portraits
Pancake Crimp
Dixon Bainbridge: A Turkish Challenge
Bob Fossil's Guide To Dance
Bollo's Scrapbook
Bouncy Crimp
Vince's Excuses For Being Late
Howard Moon: A Trumpet Full Of Memories
Howard Moon's Small Book Of Poetry
Vince Noir: The Christmas Toy
Mutant Questions About The Outside World
Animal Offenders: Most Wanted
Stickleback Crimp
Twisty Crimp
Charlie & The Black N White Rainbow
Notes Full colour cover with red tassel and inlaid comic book

Boosh illustrations & sketchbooks copyright © Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt
Might Boosh hair illustration copyright © Mr Bingo
Crimp & Charlie illustrations © Ivana Zorn
Rudy & Spider Bongo Nihongo illustrations copyright © Jake Steel
Bainbridge's Turkish Challenge illustrations & Naboo's Tarot Card illustrations copyright © John Chandler
Bruno Mindhorn illustration copyright © Oliver Ralfe
Kraftwerk Orange Top Tips photography copyright © Dee Plume, Sue Denim
Animal Offender illustrations © Andrew Rae
The Moon copyright © Nigel Coan & Noel Fielding

The Mighty Boosh In Bongo Nihongo: Story and Art by JAKe. Script by JAKe, Julian and Noel. ©2008


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