William Claxton, Joachim-Ernst Berendt

Jazz Life. A Journey For Jazz Across America In 1960.


Main Details
Author William Claxton
Photography William Claxton
Author Joachim-Ernst Berendt
Translated by James Gussen
Translated by Philippe Safavi
Publisher Taschen GmbH
Copyright Holder (Original Edition) Taschen GmbH
Copyright Holder Taschen GmbH
Copyright Holder (Photos) William Claxton
Copyright Holder (Cover/Jacket Design) Joe Goebel
Designed by Carrie Worthen
Designed by Ben Pope
Designed at Thirdthing.com
Typography by John Heiden
Typography by Smogdesign.com
Editorial Coordination Ethel Seno
Editorial Coordination Jascha Kempe
Production Frank Goerhardt
Production Stefan Klatte
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 978-3-8365-4293-7
Format Monograph
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 599 pages
Languages English, German, French
Original Language German
Chapters Foreword by William Claxton - p. 24.
Foreword by Joachim E. Berendt. - p. 45.

From Spirituals to Soul Music. - p. 48.
From the Sea Islands to the Berklee School. - p. 74.
New Orleans. - p. 88.
Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. - p. 178.
Memphis. - p. 192.
St. Louis. - p. 200.
Kansas City. - p. 210.
Big bands. - p. 224.
Chicago. - p. 248.
Hollywood and los Angeles. - p. 272.
San Franciscco, Monterey and Las Vegas. - p. 370.
Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. - p. 416.
New York City. - p. 440.
New York, Harlem. - p. 488.
New York: Traditional and Mainstream. - p. 502.
New York: Avant-Garde. - p. 528.
New York: The Village. - p. 566.

Index. - p. 590.
Biographies - p. 594.
Bibliography & Exhibitions. - p. 598.
Notes Printed in Slovakia.

Text in three languages: English, German, French
Copyrights exposed in same order of dates.


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