Robin Jarvis

The Crystal Prison

(First Printing in Country)

Main Details
Author Robin Jarvis
Series The Deptford Mice
Cover Art by Leonid Gore
Imprint SeaStar Books
Publisher North-South Books
First Published by Macdonald Young Books
First Printing in Country
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 1587171074
ISBN 13 978-1587171079
Format Hardback
Publication Location United States
Page Count 256 pages
Font Walbaum Book
Language English
Chapters PROLOGUE: Smoke Over Deptford
ONE: The Summons
TWO: The Starwife
THREE: The Bargain
FOUR: A Draft of Starlight
FIVE: A Meeting at Midnight
SIX: Fennywolde
SEVEN: The Hall of Corn
EIGHT: The Voice
NINE: Mold to Mold
TEN: Midsummer's Eve
ELEVEN: Magic and Murder
TWELVE: Hunters in the Night
THIRTEEN: A Witch and a Fool
FOURTEEN: The Sacrifice
EPILOGUE: Summer's End


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