Robin Jarvis

The Crystal Prison

(First Paperback Printing)

Main Details
Author Robin Jarvis
Series The Deptford Mice
Publisher SeaStar Books
First Paperback Printing
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 1587171619
ISBN 13 978-1587171611
Format Paperback
Publication Location United States
Page Count 256 pages
Language English
Chapters PROLOGUE: Smoke Over Deptford
ONE: The Summons
TWO: The Starwife
THREE: The Bargain
FOUR: A Draft of Starlight
FIVE: A Meeting at Midnight
SIX: Fennywolde
SEVEN: The Hall of Corn
EIGHT: The Voice
NINE: Mold to Mold
TEN: Midsummer's Eve
ELEVEN: Magic and Murder
TWELVE: Hunters in the Night
THIRTEEN: A Witch and a Fool
FOURTEEN: The Sacrifice
EPILOGUE: Summer's End


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