Sweden Rock Magazine

Sweden Rock Magazine #1 / 2018

Main Details
Periodical Title Sweden Rock Magazine
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Tidsam
About/Subject Avatar
About/Subject Orphaned Land
About/Subject Crescent
About/Subject Warrel Dane
About/Subject King Witch
About/Subject Phil Campbell (2)
About/Subject Anvil
About/Subject Töronto
About/Subject Deadheads
About/Subject Hamferð
About/Subject Accuser
About/Subject Lechery
About/Subject Panorama (2)
About/Subject Visigoth
About/Subject Saxon
About/Subject Jon English
About/Subject Leaves' Eyes
About/Subject Poodles*
About/Subject Bleeding Gods
About/Subject Rick Springfield
About/Subject Audrey Horne
About/Subject Anguish
About/Subject Denied
About/Subject PAL
About/Subject Blood Red Saints
About/Subject Iron Maiden
About/Subject Zakk Wylde
About/Subject Ghost (3)
About/Subject Ghost
About/Subject Vojd*
About/Subject W.A.S.P.
About/Subject Phil Anselmo
About/Subject Ammunition
About/Subject Magnum (2)
About/Subject Machine Head
About/Subject Shining
Identifying Codes
Barcode 7 388465 907908
EAN 2 01
Other TIDSAM 4659-01
Format Magazine
Publication Location Sweden
Page Count 106 pages
Language Swedish
Notes Subscriber edition. 8 pages more than retail edition.


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