Sweden Rock Magazine

Sweden Rock Magazine #4 / 2018

Main Details
Periodical Title Sweden Rock Magazine
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Tidsam
About/Subject Ban Bianca
About/Subject Issa
About/Subject Black Stone Cherry
About/Subject A Perfect Circle
About/Subject DeWolff
About/Subject Stormzone
About/Subject Blitzkrieg
About/Subject Heartwind
About/Subject Octopus
About/Subject Riot V
About/Subject Tomorrow's Outlook
About/Subject James Christian
About/Subject Cameltoe
About/Subject Leather*
About/Subject Lik
About/Subject Cult Of The Fox
About/Subject Iron Angel
About/Subject Jetbone
About/Subject Stryper
About/Subject Moaning Wind
About/Subject Ihsahn
About/Subject Age Of Taurus
About/Subject Gus G
About/Subject Abramis Brama
About/Subject Svavelvinter
About/Subject Captain Black Beard
About/Subject Kobra And The Lotus
About/Subject Perfect Plan
About/Subject Marillion
About/Subject Saxon
About/Subject Universe Infinity
About/Subject Dimmu Borgir
About/Subject Bullet
About/Subject At The Gates
About/Subject Lee Aaron
About/Subject Ross The Boss
Identifying Codes
Barcode 7 388465 907908
EAN 2 04
Other TIDSAM 4659-04
Format Magazine
Publication Location Sweden
Page Count 106 pages
Language Swedish
Notes Subscriber edition. 8 pages more than retail edition.


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