Sweden Rock Magazine

Sweden Rock Magazine #6 / 2018

Main Details
Periodical Title Sweden Rock Magazine
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Tidsam
About/Subject Soul Exchange
About/Subject Diamante
About/Subject Mikael Fässberg
About/Subject Oliver Hartmann
About/Subject Von Baltzer
About/Subject Night Flight Orchestra
About/Subject DevilDriver
About/Subject Refuge
About/Subject Prins Svart
About/Subject Jean Beauvoir
About/Subject Dreadful Fate
About/Subject Sea Within
About/Subject Khemmis
About/Subject Ceremonial Oath
About/Subject Down Among The Dead Men
About/Subject Megadeth
About/Subject Lucifer
About/Subject Sebastian Bach
About/Subject Immortal
About/Subject Billy Sheehan
About/Subject Amanda Somerville
About/Subject Lizzy Borden
About/Subject Dare
About/Subject TNT
Format Magazine
Publication Location Sweden
Page Count 98 pages
Language Swedish
Notes Special embossed cover for subscriber edition. 8 pages more than retail edition.


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