MOJO: Punk Special Limited Edition


Main Details
Periodical Title MOJO
Series MOJO: Special Limited Edition
Editor Pat Gilbert
Editor in Chief Mark Blake
Managing Editor Andy Fyfe
Art Director/Editor Lora Findlay
Photo Editing David Brolan
Senior Designer Isabel Cruz
Designed by Carol Briggs
Designed by Ben Hickman (2)
Designed by Kris Short
Sub-Editor Martin Boon
Sub-Editor Justin Hood
Sub-Editor Neil Jeffries
Sub-Editor Andy Neill
Photography Assisting Shona Wong
Editor in Chief Phil Alexander
Production Director/Manager Tracy Gallagher
Senior Production Controller Triona McKee
Publishing Director Stuart Williams (2)
Marketing Manager Sophie Watson Smyth
Marketing Assistant Jo Sankey
Creative Director Dave Henderson
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marcus Rich
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Moloney
Color Reproduction Rival Colour
Printed by Jarrold Printing
Cover Printed by Norwich Colour Print Ltd
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Frontline Ltd.
Publisher EMAP Metro Limited*
Published in/by Arrangement with EMAP Performance Network
Copyright Holder EMAP Metro Ltd
Contributing Writer Manish Agarwal
Contributing Writer Nina Antonia
Contributing Writer Mike Barnes
Contributing Writer Johnny Black
Contributing Writer Paul Brannigan
Contributing Writer Tom Bryant
Contributing Writer Paul Burgess
Contributing Writer Garry Bushell
Contributing Writer Keith Cameron
Contributing Writer Andrew Carden
Contributing Writer Stevie Chick
Contributing Writer Caroline Coon
Contributing Writer Johnny Dee
Contributing Writer Chas de Whalley
Contributing Writer Giovanni Dadomo
Contributing Writer Jeremy Gluck
Contributing Writer Vivien Goldman
Contributing Writer Paul Gorman
Contributing Writer Johnny Green
Contributing Writer Jon Harrington
Contributing Writer Ian Harrison
Contributing Writer David Hutcheon
Contributing Writer Jonh Ingham
Contributing Writer Jo Kendall
Contributing Writer Nick Kent
Contributing Writer John Mendelsohn (2)
Contributing Writer Andy Neill
Contributing Writer Mark Paytress
Contributing Writer Andrew Perry
Contributing Writer Ira Robbins
Contributing Writer Jon Savage
Contributing Writer Victoria Segal
Contributing Writer David Sheppard
Contributing Writer Paul Trynka
Contributing Writer Keiron Tyler*
Contributing Writer Richie Unterberger
Contributing Writer Lois Wilson
Photography Eugene Edebari*
Photography Roberta Bayley
Photography Adrian Boot
Photography Caroline Coon
Photography Fin Costello
Photography Andre Csillag
Photography Ian Dickson
Photography Erica Echenberg
Photography Dave Ellis
Photography Godlis
Photography Fraser Gray
Photography Bob Gruen
Photography John Kirk
Photography Alan Messer
Photography Dennis Morris
Photography Denis O'Regan
Photography Barry Plummer
Photography John Popplewell
Photography Ebet Roberts
Photography Mick Rock
Photography Sheila Rock
Photography Kate Simon
Photography Pennie Smith
Photography Joe Stevens
Photography Ray Stevenson
Photography John Tiberi
Photography Virginia Turbett
Photography Val Wilmer*
Photography Nick Wilson
Photography Richard Young (2)
Photography David Dagley
Photography Tony Korody
Photography Neal Preston
Photography Archive LFI*
Photography Archive Rex Features
Photography Archive Redferns
Photography Archive Rex
Photography Archive
Photography Archive Star File
Photography Archive Corbis
Photography Archive Ace Records
Photography Archive Retna
Illustrator Patrick Morgan (2)
About/Subject Punk Rock
Contributor Captain Sensible
Interview with/Interviewee Sex Pistols
About/Subject New York Dolls
About/Subject The Heartbreakers
About/Subject Johnny Thunders
Contributor Sylvain Sylvain
Interview with/Interviewee Siouxsie and the Banshees
Contributor Siouxsie Sioux
Contributor Poly Styrene
Contributor J.J. Burnel
About/Subject Ramones
Interview with/Interviewee The Jam
Interview with/Interviewee Buzzcocks
Interview by/Interviewer Tommy Vance
Interview with/Interviewee Johnny Rotten
Contributor Jimmy Pursey
Contributor Ari Up
Contributor Chris Bailey
About/Subject Vivienne Westwood
About/Subject Malcolm McLaren
Interview with/Interviewee The Clash
About/Subject Devo
Contributor Gaye Advert
Contributor Don Letts
Contributor Damian O'Neill
About/Subject The Stranglers
Contributor Tony James
Contributor Steve Diggle
Interview with/Interviewee Generation X
About/Subject Sid Vicious
Contributor Gene October
Contributor Rat Scabies
Contributor Jayne County
About/Subject The Ruts
About/Subject The Damned
Contributor TV Smith
Contributor Jake Burns
Contributor Vic Godard
About/Subject Green Day
Contributor Billy Idol
Identifying Codes
Price £5.99
Barcode 9771476995015
EAN 2 04>
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 148 pages
Language English
Notes Features reprints of old interviews, new articles and contributions from performers now.


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