Sezgin Boynik, Tolga Güldallı

Türkiye'de Punk Ve Yeraltı Kaynaklarının Kesintili Tarihi 1978-1999 (An Interrupted History Of Punk And Underground Resources In Turkey 1978-1999)


Main Details
Editor Sezgin Boynik
Editor Tolga Güldallı
Other Banu Cennetoğlu
Designed by Ali Cindoruk
Translated by Yiğit Adam
Translated by Ceren Arkman
Translated by Bilge Barhana
Translated by Amy Spangler
Transcribed by Nüvit Paçaoğlu
Other Yavuz Gündüz
Other Necdet Şahin
Proofreader Özge Açıkkol
Proofreader Nüvit Paçaoğlu
Proofreader Yavuz Parlar
Proofreader Wayne Allen
Proofreader Nisa Ari
Proofreader Margaret Barhana
Proofreader Philippine Hoegen
Proofreader Jill Magid
Publisher BAS
Printed and Bound by Ofset Yapımevi
Distributed by/Director of Distribution BAS-KI Prodüksiyon
About/Subject Turkey
About/Subject Punk Rock
Contributing Writer Anders Ahlen
Contributing Writer Lük Haas
Contributing Writer Murat Belge
Contributing Writer Murat Beşer
Contributing Writer Halil Turhanlı
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-605-0025-00-2
Format Paperback + CD
Publication Location Turkey
Page Count 576 pages
Languages English, Turkish
Notes Researches the development of the punk and underground movement in Turkey, with interviews with local bands and witnesses of the period and over 100 images. Includes CD: [r5609002]


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