Sir Leonard Woolley*

History Unearthed


Main Details
Author Sir Leonard Woolley*
Publisher Ernest Benn Limited
Typeset by Offset Lithography
Printed by Butler and Tanner*
About/Subject Nimrud
About/Subject Troy
About/Subject Maiden Castle
About/Subject Faiyum
About/Subject Anyang
About/Subject Knossos
About/Subject Ur (2)
About/Subject Mohenjo-daro
About/Subject Tutankhamun
About/Subject Tutankhamun's Tomb
About/Subject Jericho
About/Subject Arikamedu
About/Subject Ugarit
About/Subject Serindia
About/Subject Karatepe
About/Subject Sutton Hoo
About/Subject Pazyryk Tombs
About/Subject Piedras Negras
About/Subject Brahmagiri
About/Subject Ancient Civilisations
About/Subject Ancient Egypt
About/Subject Egypt
About/Subject Ancient India
About/Subject India
About/Subject Ancient Britain
About/Subject Iran
About/Subject Iraq
About/Subject Russia
About/Subject Ancient China
About/Subject China
About/Subject Ancient Greece
About/Subject Greece
About/Subject Maya
About/Subject Ancient Iran
About/Subject Ancient Iraq
About/Subject Turkey
About/Subject Ancient Turkey
About/Subject Mesopotamia
About/Subject Babylon
About/Subject Babylonia
About/Subject Indus Valley Civilisation
Format Hardback
Publication Location UK
Page Count 183 pages
Language English


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