Grooves (2003/011)


Main Details
Periodical Title Grooves
Editor Sean Portnoy
Publisher Sean Portnoy
Senior Editor/Director Rob Geary
Senior Editor/Director John Gibson
Senior Editor/Director Alex Reynolds
Contributing Editor Paul Lloyd
Art Director/Editor Brian Miller (3)
Cover Artist Brian Miller (3)
About/Subject Electronic Music
About/Subject Synthesizers
About/Subject Kid 606
About/Subject Mu-Ziq
About/Subject Broadcast
About/Subject Gold Chains
About/Subject Si Begg
About/Subject Alejandra & Aeron
About/Subject Unit &
About/Subject Tied And Tickled Trio
About/Subject Mariana Rosenfeld
About/Subject End
About/Subject EU
About/Subject Donna Summer
About/Subject Ellen Allien
About/Subject Cex
About/Subject Ui
About/Subject Davide Balula
About/Subject D├ęsormais
About/Subject Midwest Product
About/Subject Miles TIlman
About/Subject Kill Memory Crash
About/Subject Tim Hecker
About/Subject Daedelus
About/Subject Danger Mouse
About/Subject M2 (2)
About/Subject Luke Vibert
About/Subject Plaid
About/Subject Amon Tobin
About/Subject Experimental Music
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 011
Price $4.95 US
Price $6.95 Can
Barcode 07447096437711
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count 104 pages
Language English


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