Giuseppe Selvaggi

The Rise of the Mafia in New York: From 1896 Through World War II

(First Printing in Country)

Main Details
About/Subject Mafia: American
Author Giuseppe Selvaggi
Translated by William A. Packer
Editor William A. Packer
Publisher The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.
First Printing in Country
Identifying Codes
Barcode 0-672-52177-6
Format Hardback
Publication Location The United States of America
Page Count 182 pages
Language English
Original Language Italian
Original Title La Mia Tomba e New York
Chapters Chapter One: Ciccillo and the Mass Emigration. Page 1
Chapter Two: A Gangland Legend. Page 17
Chapter Three: A Gangland Legend, Continued. Page 35
Chapter Four: The Early Years. Page 48
Chapter Five: The Decline and Fall of Ignazio the Wolf. Page 60
Chapter Six: From Joe the Boss to a Small Flower. Page 71
Chapter Seven: Frank Costello on Frank Costello and Prohibition. Page 85
Chapter Eight: How to Become a Successful Bootlegger. Page 99
Chapter Nine: The Flesh Market. Page 112
Chapter Ten: The Goddamn One-Arm Bandits. Page 122
Chapter Eleven: Life and Life Insurance. Page 140
Chapter Twelve: Costello the Politician; Murder Incorporated. Page 150
Chapter Thirteen: Crime at the Nation's Service. Page 166
Index: Page 177
Notes This is a work on the early LCN in America and how it formed from street gangs into a organized cohesive organization.


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