New Musical Express

New Musical Express: November 12, 1977

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title New Musical Express
Editor Nick Logan
Assistant Editor Neil Spencer
Editorial Assistant Derek Johnson
Production Editor Jack Scott
Special Projects Roy Carr
Associate Editor Bob Woffinden
Associate Editor Charles Shaar Murray
Contributing Editor Mick Farren
Staff Tony Stewart
Staff Steve Clarke
Staff Phil McNeill
Staff Tony Parsons
Staff Julie Burchill
Staff Monty Smith
Contributor Tony Tyler
Contributor Ian MacDonald
Contributor Angus MacKinnon
Contributor Nick Kent
Contributor Bob Edmands
Contributor Tony Benyon
Contributor Max Bell
Contributor Fred Dellar
Contributor Chris Salewicz
Contributor Brian Case
Contributor Cliff White
Contributor Miles
Contributor Angie Errigo
Contributor Kate Phillips
Contributor Lester Bangs
Contributor John May
Photography Pennie Smith
Photography Chalkie Davies
Correspondent Joe Stevens
Researcher Fiona Foulgar
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Percy Dickins
Advertising Mike Proctor
Advertising Frank Lamb
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Peter Rhodes
Publisher Eric Jackson
Consulting Editor Andy Gray
Publisher IPC Magazines Ltd
Printed by Northamptonshire Newspapers Limited
Cover photo M. Sukita*
Contributing Artist Lowry*
Contributing Writer Paul Morley
Contributing Writer Dick Tracy (2)
Contributing Writer Jamie Mandelkau
Contributing Writer Paul Rambali
Contributing Writer Charles Shaar Murray
Contributing Writer Andy Gill (2)
Review by Kim Davis
Review by Malcolm Heyhoe
Review by Ian Cranna
Contributing Photographer Kevin Cummins
Contributing Photographer Joe Stevens
Contributing Photographer Paul Canty
Contributing Photographer Valerie Wilmer
Contributing Photographer M. Sukita*
Contributing Photographer Jill Furmanovsky
Contributing Photographer Gus Stewart
Contributing Photographer Denis O'Regan
Contributing Photographer Dennis Morris
Contributing Photographer Richard Young (2)
About/Subject Sham 69
Interview with/Interviewee Jimmy Pursey
Interview with/Interviewee David Bowie
About/Subject Animal Liberation Front
Interview with/Interviewee Jonathan Richman
About/Subject Tyla Gang
Interview with/Interviewee Sean Tyla
Interview with/Interviewee Bob Seger
Interview with/Interviewee B.B. King
About/Subject J.R.R. Tolkien
About/Subject Neil Young
About/Subject Eddie And The Hot Rods
About/Subject Gong
About/Subject Little Bob Story
About/Subject Wire
Interview with/Interviewee Evan Parker
About/Subject The Stranglers
About/Subject Elton John
About/Subject Burning Spear
About/Subject The Runaways
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 18p
Price U.S. $1.10c
Price Canada 60c
Format Bedsheet Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 80 pages
Language English


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