B-Side (1992/12 & 1993/01)

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Main Details
Periodical Title B-Side
About/Subject Medicine (2)
About/Subject L7
About/Subject Godflesh
About/Subject David J*
About/Subject The Shamen
About/Subject Rollins Band
About/Subject Gun Club
About/Subject Suicide (Band)
About/Subject Therapy?
About/Subject Bobby Steele
About/Subject Alice Donut
About/Subject Cavedogs
About/Subject Faith No More
About/Subject Helmet
About/Subject Cranes
About/Subject Alice In Chains
About/Subject Sepultura
About/Subject Green Jello*
Cover Date
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Barcode 0 74470 75716 0
EAN 2 12
Price $3.00
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Language English
Chapters Features
30 // Suicide: The fine art of provocation.
32 // Rollins Band: The damage therapy of Henry.
34 // David J: His scheme of urban exploitation.
36 // Low Pop Suicide: Creating the ultimate anti-band.
38 // Medicine: Take this challenging new drug!
42 // L7: Still kicking against the pricks.
44 // The Shamen: New Age vibes or noisy nonsense?
46 // Jeffrey Lee Pierce: Dancing at the edge at the world.
50 // Godflesh: Monsters in the basement.

8 // Special Report: Halting HB2554 in Washington State
10 // Spotlights: Therapy?, Bobby Steele, Foundations Forum '92, Magnolias & more
16 // Unsung Heroes: Daemon Records
18 // Profiles: Peter Case, Alice Donut, Brenda Khan, Cavedogs, Too Much Joy & more
59 // Live: Faith No More, Helmet, Cranes, Alice in Chains & more
62 // Sight Of Sound: Sepultura, Green Jello
63 // Culture Exchange
64 // Sound Reviews: More wonders and woes in sound


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